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Asset Management

We aim in managing infrastructure assets that underpin an economy, such as roads, bridges, sewerage and water management, power supply and recreational assets etc. In the past, these assets have typically been owned and managed by local or Central Governments. With the growing trend of private investment in physical infrastructure sector, thrust is not only placed on increased asset creation, but also on overall management throughout its life cycle. We take pride in offering full range of asset management services that support business decisions and provide long term financial benefits.

These services include:

  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Data Collection and Information Management

We are also pioneers in providing project and contract management services and extending wings towards smart city development programs.

This project includes design, development and implementation of a sustainable Road Asset Management System (RAMS) with GIS capability for over 100,000 km of National Highways in India. This web-based system is largely envisaged as a tool to assist MoRTH, NHAI and NHIDCL in planning, programming and budgeting for road maintenance and upgrading works for public funded roads, and to monitor obligations of Contractors and Concessionaires for private funded roads. Different data collection technologies, conventional, LiDAR, UAVs and Satellite images are explored for the suitability of asset management of National Highways. A national level RAMS Unit is established for continued operation and sustainability of RAMS.


This project includes design, development and implementation of a web based RAMS by configuring HIMS Software for over 75,000 km of State roads. KRAMS is aimed at enhancing capabilities of Karnataka PWD’s decision making in planning, programming, monitoring, management, funding, procurement, and in the allocation of resources in the road sector, by providing a source of readily accessible, relevant and valid information with the help of various modern analytical tools. KRAMS supports both manual and automated equipment based data collection and accepts data from various sources.


This project includes collection of inventory and condition data for 123,000 km of national road network of Zambia over three years. Road alignment, GPS road centreline, road inventory, pavement condition, ROW videos, traffic and other data are collected for Trunk, Main, District, Primary Feeder Roads and Urban roads under some extremely challenging conditions. The road network planning and annual works programmes are developed by Zambia Road Development Authority on the basis of collected data. GIS base maps for entire road network are prepared using the GPS road centreline data. The data collected over feeder roads is used to monitor passability index, reflecting the impact of varied road maintenance funds.


This project includes collection of road alignment, inventory and condition data for nearly 30,000 km of entire classified road network of Mozambique. Road alignment, GPS road centrelines, road inventory, pavement condition, pavement strength, pavement composition, ROW videos and other data are collected for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Vicinal roads under some extremely difficult geographical situations. The road alignment and GPS data of nearly 24,500 km of unpaved and 5,500 km of paved roads are used to prepare Mozambique’s road network maps superseding all earlier maps available with Administração Nacional de Estradas (ANE). The data collected is used to establish a nationwide Road Asset Management System.

Other Major Projects:

  • Collection of Road Condition Data for Non-Core Road Network of 50,000 km, Karnataka, India
  • Collection of Pavement Condition Data using Advanced Data Collection Equipment for 60,000 km, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Supply of Road Condition Data Collection Vehicle, Karnataka, India