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IT Services

The Information Technology procedures fostered by SATRA® aid Governments and Corporates in protecting their investments in design, purchase, operation and decommission of physical assets. The mission-critical IT discipline of SATRA is designed to help ensure optimized production, asset uptime, reliability and overall asset performance. SATRA realizes the need for timely availability of information across stakeholders to assist in decision making and extending the life cycle of assets. SATRA solutions and services include Mobile Application Development, GIS Development & Integration, Asset Portfolio Management, Capital Project Management, Prepare and Deploy Asset Information, Monitor and Maintain Asset Information.

  • Road Development Agency, Zambia
  • May 2016 – Jul 2017

RDA is responsible for planning, designing, rehabilitation and construction of roads in Zambia, knowledge of the occurrence, nature and availability of construction materials. It is also accountable for collecting, compiling, processing and analysing the information on the natural sources of road construction materials throughout the country.
MDIS is a web-based application with the basic objective to promote the economic and environmental use of natural materials for road construction. MDIS is designed and developed to establish a robust database of road construction materials to provide a user-friendly system for recording, management, storage and retrieval of information. It also helps the engineers to establish methods for updating and sustaining the database, assess the value of the material database and finally link with the existing Geographical Information System (GIS).

  • Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development
  • Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

The Mineral Economics Unit of MMEWD is responsible for collecting, compiling, processing and analyzing of various mining statistics (mineral production, exports, sales, investments, financial and labor statistics and metal/mineral prices).
IMIS is a web-based application intended to improve the capture, processing and dissemination of information. It is basically an establishment of an integrated mining information system to improvise the capturing, compilation, storage and dissemination of information.
The application will also capture all the relevant data pertaining to mineral production, sales and its storage, analysis and dissemination and enable publication of bulletins too.

  • Road Development Agency, Zambia
  • Aug, 2014

RDA is a statutory institution to provide for the care, maintenance and construction of public roads in Zambia. It is also responsible for planning, designing, rehabilitation and construction of roads in Zambia.
PMS will assist Project Managers in all aspects of contracts administration right from the Annual Work Plan, procurement, contract award to final completion report. This will cover inter alia, bid document preparation, bidding, bid evaluation, notice to proceed, site instructions, daily records, variation orders/addendums, correspondence management.
The improved capacity in contract management will enable roads to be repaired, rehabilitated, or reconstructed and maintained in the short and medium terms through better planning and optimum allocation of resources.

  • Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority
  • Apr 2013 – Mar 2014

ZICTA is responsible for regulation of the electronic communication services and products, postal and courier services and monitoring performance of the sector, quality, cost and standards of the electronic communication services in Zambia.
Majority of the people in Zambia do not have an address in the true meaning of the word and most of the country is in the utmost need of an addressing infrastructure. Lack of proper address impedes not only the provision of postal and courier services, but also social and commercial services. NADS is designed and developed to overcome this hurdle.
NADS is a web-based, GIS enabled centralized addressing database application wherein the stored address information is accessible by any user irrespective of their geographical location. This application is used by various staff at different levels within ZICTA and from different geographical regions with varied user privileges.

  • Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ)
  • March 2013 - March 2014

The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) is a statutory body that regulates the practice of engineering in Zambia including regulation and promotion of the engineering profession in Zambia through registration of engineering professionals, firms and units.
DMIS is a web-based application, designed and developed to improve the capacity and efficiency of EIZ to maintain the member’s information. This application improves capacity in regulatory and membership services, the turnaround time, tracking efficiency and addresses members needs more efficiently. The system streamlines business operations and also acts as a monitoring and administrative tool within EIZ.